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[Mar/8th/2006| 3:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i really need to go shopping, i havnt got a new CD in ages and i need to buy some drainpipes cos my jeans are going all shit. Matts going to see trivium tomorrow hes been so excited about it i havnt heard the lat of it but i dont mind cos i like that when i was going to see The Damned ha. Oh did i mention i got Captian Sensibles pick? mwahah yes i like to brag even if people arent bothered, still the best gig ive been to. I wanted to go to that academy in the uk in newcastle but nooo i cant go i mean theres going to be Sham 69, Cockney Rejects, GBH, The Damned and more, its such a great line up god damn it.

My dad always said i was born in the wrong generation, cant say i disagree XD i mean hes seen so many good bands like: Crass, Sham 69, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Moterhead etc and yeah im dead jealous im going to leave with pictures as always.
Banned From The Roxy, OkCollapse )

i hate it when i type in Chea Sex for the images and i always come up with some tart with her tits out


[Mar/7th/2006| 4:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

new layout, im in a distillers mood this month anyway, and i think she looks beautiful in that pic with those liberty spikes =]. And im gonna keep track on this livejournal -nods-.
So in may the 4 im going to be seeing aiden, probaly most people dont like them but i just wanted to go to a gig anyway, and when they finish me and immi are going to go to the tour bus and immi is going to give WiL this cat she made (dont ask) and ask him to sign her pussy haha i cant wait.

yeah so anyway have some random picturesCollapse )

[Feb/14th/2006| 1:54pm]
[ mood | good ]

wow i havnt been on here for a bit, yeah anyway i FINALLY got the give em the boot dvd which had like rancid, LFAB, transplants, horror pops, roger miret and the disasters, the slackers, f-minus, U.S bombs, dropkick murphys and more. It was so worth the wait!

One of my favorite parts in the film was when Tim and Lars were playing roots radical as a acostic set and theres a part in it when they give lars a note and it says "lars i think your cute, love the bus driver" lmao that made me laugh so much

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[Jan/22nd/2006| 9:52am]
im seeing fun with dick and jane today, most people say its just Jim Carrey over acting blah blah but im actually a fan of Jim so i will probaly enjoy it. Im hoping i will get to see the Buzzcocks on march the 5th i think at the oxford zodiac but no one will go with me so i may not be able to go =[

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and congrats to brody who had her child few days ago, and i get a bit pissed off because of the whole Tim & Brody thing and people say its supposed to be Tims and i mean all im happy about is that shes happy even if shes with a twat but blah

[Jan/9th/2006| 6:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

thanks for trying to tell me haha i think ive got the idea of it, anyway ive got parents evening on wednesday which im not realy that bothered about really apart from ICT because Mr howgate is a knob i mean im doing my mocks soon and he makes me feel really dumb, he thinks i dont know what a p.c is and that and he is always sarcastic gahh so he isnt really helping me with my grades so hopefully my mum will have a go at him.

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haha that first icon made me laugh, yay for tim armstrong <3

i cant stop listening to the briefs at the moment i think they are my band of the month (yes im sad) i need to get some of their cds because ive only heard some of their stuff on myspace and some other sites so i will hopefully get that when i go into town on saturday and i need to get some more knee high socks =)

Hey Ho Lets Go [Jan/8th/2006| 3:14pm]
ahhhh now my dad is now expecting ME to say im sorry for something i havnt done jesus its just getting so stupid now. Anyway im very happy with my joe strummer layout =D and my new icons i got haha i love viva la bam the johhny knoxville one was so funny i actually watched it yesterday and also that billy idol one was awesome to.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and would anyone be really cool to tell me how to do that Lj cut thingie because i have no clue and it would be most appricated if someone could tell me, ive been mostly putting more pictures and writing more in my scrapbook ts looking really good, last night i added Discharge, Misfits, Black Flag and some more of The Clash.

Light the fuse i must ignite [Jan/7th/2006| 5:47pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

>.< i feel shit my dad i hate him so much at the moment, he gets angry about anything seriously i mean anything. Well he used my stereo without asking and messed all the sound up and everything and i said why couldnt you of at least asked and he goes "i just fucking turn it off then you selfish cunt" so yeah who the hell likes to be called a cunt? well im sure i dont anyway so i dont feel like being cheerful or anything today. fuck pssh at least my punk scrap book im doing will make me feel better when ive finished it and i want a new layout of the clash or G.B.H or rancid or the adicts, well hopefully these pictures will make me happy

i love him

[Jan/5th/2006| 7:52pm]
The Sex Pistols
Old school punk! You just say what you have to say
regardless of what everyone else thinks!
You're one of my most favourite types of
music... You're raw and uncut! You're
surrounded by hype...just don't let it make you
go insane...

What genre of rock are you?
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[Jan/4th/2006| 7:06pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
isnt that the most cutest thing youve seen

im all lost in the supermarker
i love this song, and the fact that joe actually wrote it for mick is just such a incredibly nice thing to do =)

[Jan/3rd/2006| 7:32pm]
yay i got my tarten shoes today in the post they are TUK shoes and they are really comfatable to wear much better then converse i think because they rub the side of my foot heres a pic:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i am so never going to take this strummerville wristband off (obviously times when i really need to) ive also got the girls skinny fit strummerville shirt with the symbol and Joe in the middle, i really want to go to one of those festivals i bet there good fun because i like to listen to new music and see bands live its a nice feeling to be there

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[Dec/23rd/2005| 10:45am]
[ mood | amused ]

God i havnt been on here for ages, anyway since ive been on i went to see The Damned on the 22nd of November and i think its been the biggest highlight of this year, to make a long story short i got right to the front, i got Captain Sensibles guitar pick, i got a smile and thumbs up from David Vanian, and they gave me there playlist which was on their stage i still cant belive it. When they played my favorite song Ignite im sure everyone in the club was singing it, god it was amazing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And i went to milton keyenes on tuesday and got myself some badges i think they were Ramones, Rancid and Buzzcocks badges and i got a Crass and Generation X cd

:( [Nov/20th/2005| 8:12pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Well as some of you may know i went to a party last night, but it was complete
crap because the person who had invited me is new and has been in my school since the start of yr 8 and im in yr 9 now anyway and i did'nt know anyone, there
were only like 4 from my school and a 100 from a other, georgia phoned her mum to get us and go home, but the girl had locked the door so we could'nt get out =/ anyway then her mum arrived and we had to climb out the window and all these
like 20yr olds were trying to keep us back then me,chris and georgia got away.

As we were driving it was really foggy and i think there must of been some black ice on the road because we crashed and it was the worst experience of my life, then i thought i was going to die, but luckily no one was hurt but yeah that was my night, i'm still shooken up about it though

[Nov/15th/2005| 3:29pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well new layout, new entry, new username etc. Well as you all know from my constant bragging haha i am seeing The Damned on december the 22nd only 2 days away from xmas so it will be a early xmas present for me yay, talking of xmas what you all getting? The main things im getting are my tartan creepers and my strummerville stuff like a t-shirt, badge , stickers and a wristband

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